Monday, March 1, 2010


In order, the group seventeen elements are: Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine and Astatine.

Are you studying group seventeen there?
F, Cl, Br, I, At
Some useful facts I'll make you aware
How much more to learn can there be?

Called "Halogens" 'cause they make salts
F, Cl, Br, I, At
Now if you get that wrong: it's your fault
How much more to learn can there be?

Seven electrons in each outer shell
F, Cl, Br, I, At
With eight (one-minus), they're stable as hell
How much more to learn can there be?

Fluorine is yellow and Chlorine is green
F, Cl, Br, I, At
Bromine is red, dark is Iodine
How much more to learn can there be?

F melts at -220 degrees
F, Cl, Br, I, At
Go down the group, m.p. will increase
How much more to learn can there be?

Fluorine grabs 'lectrons because it's so small
F, Cl, Br, I, At
But Astatine barely wants 'em at all
How much more to learn can there be?

Are you studying group seven there?
F, Cl, Br, I, At
So were these useful? What? You don't care...
How much more to learn can there be?

Monday, January 11, 2010

good bye smsa and welcome smktbm!

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera..

Hi!!we meet again and since November i never write anything here,likes sabahan said 'lugai-lugai',i am definitely lost of idea and issues to share with all of u!Recently, i got my transferred back to my hometown,Bukit Mertajam..and of course the most sadly thing was to say good bye to Tenom..The small district with a lot of love and peace!!and last but not least,the students and all my colleague who are really great and wonderful, but life must go on..with a famous school in the land that is north..high school bukit i 'landed'. Wherever school,district or duty never stop and see my students to excel in which ever fields they were interested in.

Friday, November 27, 2009


money can buy u a bed but not a sleep
money can buy u books but not knowledge
money can buy u foods but not appetite
money can buy u clothes but not beauty
money can buy u a house but not home
money can buy u medicine but not health
money can buy u luxuries but not happiness
when money is lost,not everything is lost
when character is lost then everything is lost....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The colours of life!

Actually..This school holiday is meaningless to many things happen during this year.The transferring back of my hubby and at the same time collecting the materials and preparing draft for my action research..sometimes made me tired and give up! I admit that 2009 bring me a lot of experiences ( sweet and bitter!)..My life like a marathon and I'm still in race!..yeah! just thinking to stop thinking all that stuff and just let the time goes by! Suddenly..i felt very great to see back my older friends since my secondary school in my flashback my older friends with different kinds of career and life..make me so glad and motivate me..oh what a wonderful moment! Meanwhile.. I'm thankful of ALLAH to bring the colours in my life!! ALHAMDULILLAH!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

good luck!

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera..
To all my students..wishing u the best of luck in SPM EXAM especially my paper.CHEMISTRY for a last minute advise from me.. just to remind all of u a few things
1. remember all the listed of anions and cations(include the charge) i hope u still remember the mnemonic methods that i taught u all during my class
2. Please make sure the reactants and products for a specific chemical reactions and balanced it !! It is very important to the qualitative and quantitative analysis.

3, Remember the first 20 elements in the Periodic Table..
4.centralised your concepts and idea (again the uses of mind concepts help u a lot!!)
5.make sure your given point should be correct and precise..remember the marking scheme that i told u WRONG CANCEL RIGHT!!!
6. Avoid CARELESS MISTAKE!!! SO pity if this happen on u
7.ALL OUT!!!!This is the only and the last chance u have...
8. If u 'blocked' during the our pk 1 Pn Jamilah said " just remember your teacher's face" me lah.. he...he...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ron Julian, who is among my form 5 student used to tell me that he hate chemistry! I asked him back..You really hate the subject or you hate me as your chemistry teacher? He just smiled but his smile made me can't slept that night! I thought deeply and everything that i had done "flashback" in my mind. I'm really affected by his sentences..i hate chemistry!.. Then I realized a quotation said that,THE KEY OF FAILURE IS TO PLEASE EVERYONE!!. Sometimes, i always think that i had done my best to teach them..but.. it not enough just to teach them. Then I started to concern and alert my student's problem. Every of us have different ways and methods to understand some concept,as well as my students....My best students like Joina,Mary Joy,Hanifa,Polynica,Bibi Aisyah or Syikin may be can understand the concept in just my first explanation but how about the others? So i tried to mention or explain the same concept in different ways! Then i really happy to see a bright face at all my students..including Ron Julian.. Honestly..for me ETR (Estimated Target Result) for each of my students is just 'a number'. i still hope and give them support that my student can create a miracle at the end of their 'journey'....SPM. To all my students.. I gave them everything that i can including my attention and pray. Now... i let them to choose their own destiny..

Thursday, October 22, 2009